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Water Management

Hot water is the traditional base for most cleaning applications. But the use of water and energy to heat it is becoming an increasing concern as people consider the environmental impact of all their actions.  BEL products are designed to reduce water usage, while maintaining the expected high standards of cleanliness and hygiene needed in critical locations - like high usage washrooms and kitchens.

Water Management Hardware

Washrooms are major users of water.  Much of this water use is unnecessary, and itself causes potential problems - continued automatic flushing of blocked urinals, for example. BEL provide a range of washroom hardware that allows water usage to be dramatically reduced, and we provide the control mechanisms to deliver the savings.

Reduced Water Cleaning

Effective cleaning and hygiene control without water is now possible in a wide range of applications.  Alternatively, water based cleaning products may allow rapid “splitting” after use - the water and cleaning agent separate after use to provide materials that are far more easily recycled than the usual contaminated water.