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CP 961 Pressure Valve

Average water flow rate on all taps is up to 30 litres per minute the CP961®  reduces this flow to (4, 6 or 8 litres per minute). It can be used on hot taps (less water = less energy to heat water).

This unit can be fitted to showers and push type taps, thus reducing the water used/wasted.

Product Details

The CP961® becomes a flow regulating valve or a filter / flow regulating valve once a cartridge is inserted into the ball via the side access port.

The CP961® requires directional flow as indicated by the arrow casting stamp located near to the valve stem.  If pressure testing the system with a CP961® with cartridge installed, ensure flow is only in accordance with the directional arrow.  Back flow may damage the cartridge or force it out of the ball cavity.

Cartridges can be purchased separately

Before Installation

Before first use, a small amount of air may be trapped inside the ball seals preventing the ball from being turned easily.

Therefore we recommend first using an adjustable spanner to fully open and close the valve once.

The valve can then be operated normally with a slotted screw driver or lever (if supplied).

When installing the CP961® with ”speedfit” connection please refer to installation notes available at

Cartridge Installation

The ball of the valve can be set at 3 different positions as below

Water Management

Control water flow to significantly reduce water consumption in washrooms and kitchens.

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Speedfit £11.99

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