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Urinal Screen

The Urinal Screen is designed to prevent cigarettes and gum blocking the urinal. It contains a BioUrinal Block specially formulated to reduce odour problems and blockages in urinals and to be less environmentally damaging than conventional pDCB Urinal Blocks, (Pineapple Chunks).

Each Bio Block contains powerful biological cleaning agents, which are proven to maintain clear, odour free urinal traps and pipe work. Savings can be made when using this product by reducing the frequency of urinal flushing, as the Bio Block deliver the cleaning and water-softening agents into the drainage system each time the urinal is used or flushed.

Where to Use

Urinal Screen with Bio Blocks are suitable for use in all types of urinals, stainless steel, porcelain and ceramic troughs. By reducing urinal flushing frequency savings can be made and scale build-up on urinal surfaces avoided.

How to Use

Place one Urinal Screen with Bio Block  in each urinal, or trough urinal. Replace when block has dissolved to maintain maximum efficacy.

Benefits & Features

Removes the cause of odours

Prevents blocked traps & pipes

Contains non-pathogenic micro-organisms

Cleans & freshens

Suitable for all types of urinals & troughs

Water only needs to flush 3 or 4 times daily

Contains odour neutralising perfume

Safe to use in schools & institutions

Typical Product Analysis;


Solid block







Shelf life in closed container:

1-3 years

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Box of 12 £47.40

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25 Bio Blocks £62.50

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