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Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant

“Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant combats Car Sickness”

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5 litre £14.95

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Sick Car Syndrome can be detrimental to everyone, especially small children, the elderly and those with asthma or respiratory problems. This includes drowsiness, runny nose and streaming eyes usually thought of as a cold !

 We have all had “that day”. On the way to visit Nan or going on holiday. “Mam/Dad I`ve got a bad head/I don’t feel well.” We stop for a while, but we know the child is going to feel poorly all day now.

 “Next time we give them drugs to prevent car sickness”

As you drive, bacteria and pollutants enter the car through the vents and get trapped in the heating/ventilation system and accumulate. The bacteria multiply, producing unhealthy air and the unpleasant odour occurs when you switch on your ventilation system. Sometimes the smell disappears, but that doesn’t mean the bugs have !.

 When you use the heater or air conditioning, the unit's evaporator and filter system becomes a moist environment which is a breeding ground for bacteria.  There are many products on the market that hide odours and leave the vehicle smelling nice, but unfortunately do not eliminate the causes.

 Nemesis Antimicrobial Odouractant will eliminate bacteria, fungi & viruses that cause car sick syndrome and unpleasant odours, leaving your vehicle smelling nice and actually clean.


Infection Control

Combat the pollutants that can cause car sickness.

General Cleaning

Eliminate odours from your car.